Get Template Source Collaboration

When we get a templates source, we want to expand macros references.


PT – The page template

PT2 – Another page template

TI – An object that implements the TALImplementation interface.

CTAL – A compiled TAL data structure returned from a TAL compile

CTAL2 – ditto.

EEF – An object that implements the ExpressionEngineFactory interface.

EE – An object that implements the ExpressionEngine interface.

cexpr – A compiled expression. This will be context-dependent. For
example, when we are executing a define. this will be a different expression for each definition.


  • PT calls EEF.create(data)

    to create an expression engine. The expression is passed names to be included in the standard namespace. The call returns an expression engine, EE.

  • PT calls TI.getSource(CTAL, EE)

    When a use-macro is encountered,

    • TI calls EE.macro(cexpr)

      The expression engine evaluates the expression. This is likely to involve traversal into a page template, which will ask the TAL implementation for the macro.

      PT2 calls TI.findMacro(CTAL2, name)